I’m Victoria Lafarga

and I offer English and Spanish language services

spanish to english translation  

english editing and proofreading  

english editing for non-native writers  

english and spanish transcription and subtitling 

I offer several language services in English and Spanish and deliver quality, well-researched texts designed to help you break down the barriers that language and culture can sometimes put up.

I work on all sorts of formats and text types.
I’m professional, qualified, and passionate about language.

Born in the U.S. to a multi­cul­tural family originally from Venezuela and Spain, I am a native speaker of both English and Spanish. And while second-generation Spanish-speakers in the U.S. are by no means un­common, too many are unable to maintain a certain level of native fluency.

My parents, like so many others, had their work cut out for them trying to get my sib­lings and me to answer them back in Spanish, but in sending me on several trips to both countries and creating a home environment that highlighted the importance of strengthen­ing family bonds, they success­fully cemented my relationship with the Spanish language and our family’s cultures.

Having studied topics in both languages and lived in various places, I have an excellent com­mand of both languages and a unique understanding of cul­tures with which to tailor a text to its target audience.

For more details, take a look at my résumé, also available in Spanish.

Let’s talk specifics.

In addition to subject matter and number of words, there are several aspects that determine what a language professional charges for a project, like how well-written the text is to begin with, what file format it’s in, and whether a specific piece of software is required.

For a price quote on a specific project, shoot me an e-mail.


I live in Barcelona, Spain, and spend my workweek wearing a great many hats.

In addition to translating as a freelancer and as a member of VOCO, I edit publications and manage projects at the Smart CSOs Lab, an org­an­i­za­tion committed to the transi­tion towards a more just, sus­tain­able world.

I also translate and edit course material and oversee inter­nation­al operations at the SetLife Network, a technology education nonprofit.


email ✒ v@lafarga.co
Skype ✒ victoria.lafarga

I’m also on Proz.com and LinkedIn.